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microsoft word fonts

This is a list of hand-picked microsoft word fonts. Preview all microsoft word fonts to find the font you want. Download the microsoft word fonts for Android, win, mac and linux.

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microsoft word fonts Fonts Description:

Having unique fonts is great for making your documents look special or for putting a distinctive caption on a photograph, video clip and tattoo. microsoft word fonts are free downloadable and help you make unique fonts for any of your business or personal use. Size of all fonts here are small and if you have hundreds of fonts, you won't slowing down Windows, word processors, and other programs that use fonts. All microsoft word fonts here are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. And here also gives you some other ideas about the microsoft word fonts, For example, microsoft word fonts management, convert the microsoft word fonts, or even you can create a new font like the microsoft word fonts.

Best Free Font Management for microsoft word fonts
Font Management is the software that you can use to browse and preview fonts and typically to install and uninstall fonts. Font management is not always as easy as a walk on the cake. But don't worry, if you want to manage the microsoft word fonts, here provides you the best free Font Management softwares.
*Suitcase Fusion: Suitcase Fusion is a powerful and complete font management software that brings you all the needed functions for working with fonts. Practically, it removes any boundaries for typography. Quickly find the perfect font seamlessly from within your favorite design application and use it anywhere...You can choose the soft to manage the microsoft word fonts.
*Font Safari: Browse through the fonts on your Mac OS. fonts Safari is your guide as you browse the collection of fonts on your system. You can view all the characters in the font, and also allows you to simulate the font in alternative encodings such as Mac Roman, Windows ANSI and Unicode.
*FontCard: The best soft - Modifies font menus and fonts panel to display previews. font on Mac OS. FontCard Haxie is one that modifies the Font menu in Carbon and Cocoa applications. It can add an icon that displays the format of a font next to the menu item font, display the font name against the police, group fonts into submenus, and add font collections in the Font menu.
*NexusFont: NexusFont is an essential font view and management software for web designer or person who deal with many well designed document. It will Support Font Types: TrueType, TrueType Collection, OpenType, Adobe Type1.
*Font Runner: A Windows font manager for artists and graphic designers. Browse through your font collection quickly to help you find "just the right font" for any project.

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*TransType: Change fonts in all major formats. TransType Pro supports batch conversion so users can convert their font libraries from existing formats such as PostScript Type 1 fonts in multi-platform format OpenType.
*CrossFont: can convert TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms. Convert TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms CrossFont can do many things , such as : recognise files , search for folders and convert fonts.
*TTConverter: Convert Windows TrueType fonts for Mac format.
TTConverter is a utility to convert TrueType fonts from Windows to Mac.
*FontForge: This application is an outline font editor that lets you create your own fonts, or edit existing ones. FontForge is a powerful outline font editor that lets you create your own postscript, truetype, opentype, cid-keyed, multi-master, cff, svg...

Best Free Font Creator
*FontLab Studio: Next-generation professional font editor. FontLab Studio is the next generation professional font editor created for Windows. It is the comprehensive solution for font foundries, professional type designers, typographers and graphic design studios, so they kind design, create and modify fonts.
*TypeTool: type tool is an application to create a simple and easy-to-font editor for Windows. Quick, simple font editing on your device.
*FontDoctor: An application designed for font problem diagnosis, repair, and management.

There are a great many of typefaces can be used as Microsoft Word fonts and a lot of Microsoft users are looking for the typefaces which are part of Microsoft's fonts package.

Microsoft Word is a word processor designed by Microsoft which was first released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. It is a component of the Microsoft Office system; it is also sold as a standalone product and included in Microsoft Works Suite. The current versions are Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows and 2011 for Mac.

The Microsoft Word was unable to deal with TrueType fonts before Word 2010, users need to manually inserted. Since Word 2010, the program now has advanced typesetting features which can be enabled: OpenType fonts, kerning and hyphenation.